Kero One (LA) w/ Special Guest Julia Wu 吳卓源

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Kero One(LA)與特別嘉賓Julia Wu 吳卓源

經過六年,Kero One終於再次回到台北The Wall舉辦他的亞洲巡迴以及慶祝15周年的音樂旅程。 2003年Kero One發行他個人首張黑膠專輯,當時少有爵士嘻哈以及lo-fi嘻哈,也少有亞裔的嘻哈音樂人。 從那時候開始在世界各地表演,也包含台灣!在2007年邀請到"蛋堡"以及"參劈"當表演嘉賓。 他也曾與傳奇爵士大師"Stevie Wonder"、Mellow Hip Hop界的大神"Nujabes"、韓國嘻哈團體"Epik High"同場表演過。

為了慶祝他重返台北表演,Kero One特別邀請他的朋友Julia Wu 吳卓源,甫發行單曲的 Formo Sir、來自beats and friends 的conehead錐頭秋波qiūbō參與The Wall這場盛會。

日期|2018 / 10 / 12(五)
時間|18:30 入場 / 19:00 開演
地點|The Wall Live House(羅斯福路四段200號B1)
票價|預售700元 / 現場900元
連結| (FamiPort上的KKTIX也可以購買)


beats and friends & CUSTOMS presents:

Kero One (LA) w/ Special Guest Julia Wu 吳卓源

After six years, Kero One returns to Taipei for a special night at The Wall. The Californian producer/songwriter/rapper is celebrating his 15 year music career. Kero One self-released his first official vinyl release in 2003 when there were less than a handful of artists making jazzy or lo-fi hiphop and very few Asians professionally rapping and producing in the world. Since then, Kero has performed globally including in Taiwan with Soft Lippa / Tri-poets (2007) and he has received praise from legends like Stevie Wonder, Nujabes, and Epik High. 

To celebrate his return to Taipei, Kero is inviting his friends to join him at The Wall, including Taipei's own Julia Wu 吳卓源 , a set by Formo Sir and from beats and friend's crew conehead and 秋波qiūbō.

Date|2018 / 10 / 12(Friday)
Time|18:30 (Open) / 22:30 (End)
Venue|The Wall Live House(羅斯福路四段200號B1)
Tickets|ADV 700元 / Door 900元
Link| (KKTIX also available on FamiPort)


The Wall 公館 / 臺灣 台北市羅斯福路四段200號B1

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2018/09/19 00:00(+0800) ~ 2018/10/12 00:00(+0800) End of Sale
  • TWD$700
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